Genesis to Jesus for Internationals

At our Sunday morning meetings we'll first study the Bible together in small groups.


Our international student/scholar group meets in room 202 and studies some basic Bible passages.  It covers the major events in the Bible and focuses on the main theme of the Bible.  We want you to be able to give a clear answer to the question "What is the main idea of the Bible?"  


After this small-group class, we will go to the large room with all the others in the church and sing songs and listen to some teaching from the Bible (this is the "church service").


The church is Kossuth Street Baptist Church, which is about a 12 minute drive from the Purdue campus.


If you need a ride to the church, we are happy to provide one.  We'll come and pick you up at about 8:45am.  Click here to sign up for a ride.


If you want to drive there yourself the church address is 2901 Kossuth Street, Lafayette, IN  47904.



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