Anthony Bass

Hello! My name is Anthony Bass. I have been a part of Salt and Light Christian Fellowship (SLCF) since my freshman year at Purdue, this year I will be serving on our Senior Leadership Team. I come from a small city in northern Indiana that is only two hours away from Lafayette (Warsaw, IN). 

 God has blessed me
with a great church (Kossuth Street Baptist Church) and college ministry (SLCF) to be a part of while at Purdue. Like my family and “home” church, KSBC and SLCF have helped me grow closer to Jesus throughout my time in college.


I am excited to see what God has planned for the future!

I am a civil engineering student at Purdue and will be entering my junior year in August 2021. I have
been a Purdue football and basketball fan for as long as I can remember. If you ever see me around town and want to talk about those, I would be happy to. Boiler Up!

Ethan Gutwein

Hi! My name is Ethan Sanjay (संजय ) Gutwein, this year I will be serving on our Senior Leadership Team. Many people have a difficult time pronouncing my last name (goot-wine), as it is German. My middle name is Indian, as my family moved to
India when I was less than a year old! I enjoy sharing my experience overseas, so feel free to ask me about it!


Because I spent a large portion of my life in India and traveling to different countries, Indian food is my favorite and I enjoy interacting with people from different cultures. I am conversational in Hindi and have also been learning Arabic since high school.


At Purdue, I am studying Environmental and Ecological Engineering with a minor in Arabic Language and
Culture. When I am not studying, I like to spend time with others by reading and discussing the
Bible or playing board/card games. You may also find me playing guitar or reading. As a
Resident Ambassador at
Crosswalk Commons, my goal is to provide a safe and welcoming
environment to culturally diverse people and to share the love of Christ.

Abby Foy

Hi! I’m Abby Foy and I am serving on the Senior Leadership Team. I’m very thankful for the opportunity to serve my fellow students through Salt and Light. I have been blessed with a wonderful church family and student ministry at Kossuth Street Baptist Church. I look forward to what all God has planned for me through my time here with Salt and Light. 

I am in my junior year studying Visual Communications Design at Purdue University. I love all things art and design, so I love to draw and make use of my creativity on my graphic design computer programs. When I am not creating, I love to go for walks, hangout with friends and family, and play sports. I enjoy going to concerts and plays at Purdue’s theatre. 

I love Jesus and want to share His love with others through our ministry. I want to know Jesus and make Jesus known. 

Bethany Price

Hello! My name is Bethany Price. I was born in Illinois, moved to Indiana when I was 2, then moved to Texas when I was 7, and finally moved to Kokomo Indiana when I was 12. I have been a part of Salt and Light Christaian Fellowship (SLCF) since my freshman year at Purdue. This year I will be serving on our Senior Leadership Team.


I have been blessed by God with finding a wonderful group of people (SLCF) to fellowship together and grow in Christ. I have also been blessed with Kossuth Street Baptist Church where I have been able to meet wonderful people and grow my relationship with God.


I am a junior at Purdue studying aquatic science with a concentration in marine biology. I love any water related activity and could talk about the ocean for hours. I love hanging out with friends, playing board games, and watching movies. If you ever see me around I would love to talk about these things and more!

Ben Rasmusen

Hello, I’m Benjamin Rasmusen. You can call me Ben. I will be leading our Outreach Team this year at Salt and Light Christian Fellowship. 


I am in my Sophomore year of  college here at Purdue studying Material Science Engineering.


I enjoy playing games. If you  fancy a game of chess, I’d be happy to oblige. You might also find me out on the intramural  fields playing soccer.


Feel free to call me up anytime. I’ll be living off-campus, but I will be  staying in touch with any happenings.