Cam King

Hey! My name is Cam King. I am serving on the Student Leadership Team for SLCF. My hometown is Crawfordsville, Indiana, which is just about 45 minutes south of Purdue.

I enjoy spending time with my friends here at school, and I love to have fellowship while encouraging and being encouraged by others to desire Christ and to know God more.

I am studying Finance and Accounting at Purdue, and I am currently a sophomore. I've been a fan of Purdue football and basketball my whole life, so you can usually count on being able to talk to me about it!

Emma Grace Kifer

Hello there! My name is Emma Grace Kifer, and I’m from southern Indiana. I have lived there my whole life before coming to Purdue. Since coming here God has blessed me so much through Salt & Light and Kossuth, and this year I am going to be a part of Salt & Light’s leadership team. I am very excited to see how God will continue to grow me in this position alongside my fellow leaders and friends. He has grown me significantly through Salt & Light since I joined my freshman year.

I am now a sophomore at Purdue studying Visual Communication Design (it’s basically graphic design). I have loved creating my whole life, whether that has been through drawing, calligraphy, painting, making paper airplanes out of random things (I suggest for you to try that sometime), sewing, photography, crafting, or making cards. Because of that I was quite excited to learn when I was younger that there was actually a job, like graphic design, that combines some of my favorite things to do. Some other things I love to do in my free time, are reading (Narnia is one of my favorites), watching movies, hiking, spending time with people, and playing games.

As I have gotten older and God has grown my faith, He has been growing my love of spending time with Him as well. He continues to challenge me in new ways, and I can’t wait to see where this challenge of leadership will go. Above all, I’m excited to share my love of Him through it.

Glorianna Gutwein

Hi! My name is Glorianna Gutwein. I have been involved with Salt and Light Christian Fellowship (SLCF) since my freshman year and am so blessed to have such an amazing community with friends who love Jesus. This year I will be serving on the Senior Leadership Team and I am beyond excited to grow in this area and love and care for people in our Salt and Light family. :)


I grew up overseas in India, so I love different languages, ethnic foods (especially Indian!), cultures, and peoples. I am passionate about reaching people who are from different cultures and need to hear the gospel! I am fluent in Hindi and have been studying Spanish since highschool. I love traveling and forming new friendships.


I am currently at Purdue studying Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences with minors in Linguistics and Spanish. God has blessed me through my transition from India to Indiana as I have found such an encouraging community in SLCF and Kossuth Street Baptist Church where they push me closer to Christ. Outside of school, I love playing guitar, painting and creating, dancing, baking, and reading. I enjoy hanging out with friends and playing games with them. I have also enjoyed being a Resident Ambassador (RA) at Crosswalk Commons where I get to build relationships with the residents there and make Christ’s name known. 

Micaiah Gottfried

Hey there! I happen to be born and raised in Lafayette, which is across the river from Purdue University. I am a sophomore studying Mechanical Engineering Technology while also part of Purdue’s Air Force ROTC detachment.

I was raised in a Christian family and grew up in the local church. I picked up a few hobbies along the way, such as woodworking, shooting, and sharpening knives.


My parents often worked with international students, and my mother is from China, which has given me a taste for international food, which I enjoy when I get the chance.

As my college years continue, I continue to realize the need for a savior in the lives of college students like me. It is all too easy to become complacent with our faith in an environment that assures us that we are doing well in the pursuit of our own desires. However, this type of thinking leads us down a dangerous path and we, instead, need to be reminded of our brokenness and our need to run to our loving Father. I value this in SLCF and will encourage it to continue doing.

Wyatt Edwards


Hello! My name is Wyatt Edwards, and I have been blessed with the opportunity to serve on the SLCF leadership team this year. I've been a part of Salt and Light since my freshman year, and I'm excited to see where it will go in the next year.


I am from Southaven, Mississippi and am currently a junior in nuclear engineering at Purdue. I enjoy all things sports and listening to and playing music.


I am glad to say that God has completely changed my college plans and given me a family and community that has supported me and shown me real love and care, and I hope to show the same to all who come in contact with us.