Paul Briggs

Paul has been part of KSBC & SLCF since returning from Italy in 1997 and serves as an Elder at Kossuth Street Baptist Church and also serves as the staff coach of our Outreach Team at SLCF.

Paul teaches regularly in the International Connections class, seeks to mobilize God's people at KSBC in reaching the world coming to us at Purdue, oversees the Campus Ministry, works with the Membership process, and preaches on occasion. Seeing Gospel opportunities and training God's people to be involved in them so that the church can reflect brightly the glory of the One who loved her and gave Himself for her (Ephesians 5:25) is one of the reasons Paul enjoys serving as an elder at KSBC.

Chad Moore

Chad serves as the Ministry Director of Salt & Light Christian Fellowship.


Chad was born and raised in Mississippi where he graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi with a BA in Journalism and studied Theology at SBTS in Louisville. During the past 20 years, Chad has served in various capacities, such as church planter, senior pastor, campus ministry director, and school administrator.


One of Chad’s passions is teaching Biblical Theology, helping others learn how to read, study, and learn the Bible in its context and teach it to others. 

Sarah Menefee

Sarah serves as the staff coach for the Discipleship team of SLCF, leads one-on-one Bible studies, and loves hosting students in her home. 


Hi! I’m Sarah!  God used godly parents and gospel-preaching churches, to draw me to Himself as a child and to grow in me a heart to share the gospel cross-culturally.  After graduating from Purdue in the department of Child Development and Family Studies, I attended Moody Bible Institute in Chicago to get my Masters in Biblical studies. I spent 2 years in North Africa teaching at an international school, building relationships with neighbors, and serving in the local church.  Since 2008, I’ve had the incredible privilege of working with college and international students through the ministry of Salt and Light Christian Fellowship at Kossuth Street Baptist Church.  I also enjoy spending time with foster kids, supporting families with kids with special needs, and teaching elementary-age Sunday school.  Reading, cooking, long walks, and conversations with friends are some of my favorites!

Dana Gottfried

Dana serves as our staff coach for the International Outreach team and also is one of the managers of the Bike Shop at Crosswalk Commons. 


After graduating from Purdue with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering, Dana Gottfried taught English at two universities in China from 1993-1995.  He returned to the USA to pursue his PhD in Mechanical Engineering at Purdue, where he met and married his wife, Adela, in 1998.  

He now teaches English, culture, and the Bible at Purdue University to international students and scholars as part of SLCF.

Seth Griffin

Seth serves as an intern at Salt & Light Christian Fellowship, focusing on discipleship and community development.


Seth spent his childhood in Houston, Texas, but has moved throughout the country. He aspires to pastoral ministry and is passionate about discipleship, evangelism, and teaching.


Seth is currently pursuing a degree in political science and communication but hopes to attend seminary after graduation.