Dumpling-making and Chinese Lantern Festival

The Chinese Lantern Festival includes beautiful lights, riddles, and special foods.  Please join us on Saturday, February 24, for a dumpling-making party and games to celebrate this fun, colorful holiday.  


This will be held on Saturday, February 24, 3-9pm.  And it will be held at Crosswalk Commons (925 Hilltop Drive) on the Purdue campus.


We will make dumplings from 3-5pm, eat from 5-6pm, listen to a brief presentation about the Bible and play some games from 7-9pm.  Please arrive at 3pm to help us make the dumplings!


If you can bring your large knife and chopping board, that may help us be more productive during the dumpling making!


Please sign up below to reserve a spot for this free event.  Space is limited, so registration will close when we have reached our limit.


Get ready for some big fun!



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