SLCF International is a student organization on the campus of Purdue University that provides many ways to make friends, attend cultural activities, experience cultural travel, and learn about life in America!

Trips and Activities

Join us to celebrate some American holidays and even some popular holidays from other nations.  We also offer daylong or overnight trips throughout the year.  Click below to find out what we are presently offering.

English Courses

Our excellent teachers are happy to coach you as you improve your English or study the Bible.  We offer a variety of class sizes, including one-on-one, small groups, and large groups.

Free Bike Loan Program

If you are an international student, you are welcome to loan a bike from us for free.  There is a refundable deposit required. 


Here are some practice tips for how to navigate your life as an international student at Purdue.  They include the practical, spiritual, and relational dimensions of your life.

Bible Courses

We have several opportunities for you to study the world's best selling book.  You are welcome to join a one-on-one study or small group study.  Check them out here.


We would love to help answer them