Harvest Party, Friday, Sept. 24

Enjoy this traditional American autumn activity.  Harvest parties take various forms, but a common feature is to be outside on a farm playing games and enjoying the mid-west farm culture

We'll have our harvest party at a farm located west of the Purdue campus.  We'll also have games and a campfire for this outdoor activity.  The party starts at 6:30pm and we'll be back to campus by 10pm.


We will have a short talk introducing the main theme of the Bible during the evening. 

Please eat something before the event, since we will only have snacks there.

If you sign up below, you will be asked whether you will take our transportation take your own car, or ride in a friend's car.  We'll send directions to those who will drive their own cars.


For those taking our transportation, the pick up location will be Crosswalk Commons (925 Hilltop Drive) at 6:00pm.  After the party we can take you directly to your apartment or back to where we you left your car or bike.


We have limited space for this event.  Everyone who attends must register.  Please register for the event below.



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